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The Power of Open Content

Here's a short story of one of those things that make me proud: the interview 'The Future of Blender' has been translated into six languages! This happened completely spontaneously, without any action from our side. I can only conclude that Open Content really works, and that is an initiative that fits Open Content like a glove.

While I'm finishing this, I notice an email from gumanoed who mentions that the Russian Blender community have translated BlenderArt Magazine #12 into Russian. Awesome.


  • Pablosbrain

    That is very cool. Open content is not so slowly beginning to show its benefits!

  • Traven

    This is my friend Snark who has maked the french subtitles, thank a lot to him ^^.

    Just for information, the BAM n°10 have been translated in french by the Blender Clan (click on my name to go on the site) with a big work of igabiva. Thank to them.

  • Sanne

    The idea of F/LOSS, open content and sharing is spreading to a lot of areas of human interaction. That is just great.

    Power to the people.

  • steffen

    this might be cool fo some Tutorials

  • sfepa

    there are more translations in russian, not only 12th issue

  • Felix_Kütt

    remember kid's sharing is caring! :)

  • jaco

    Haaaaaaaaaa....i just finished lithuanian translation:)

  • JuanD

    I don't know Steffen.. I guess this model in DotSub may not apply for video tutorials... We'd have to read the translation and lost the attention on the actions in the tutorial.

    Something like dotSub but with audio... dotdub? :-)

  • adamkowa

    I just finished polish subtitles.

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