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  • NielsBlender

    Hey Gaurav,

    Have a funny opening ;)


  • Byron Kindig

    Gaurav, I hope you have a great demo and lots of people see it. Best wishes! Let us know how it goes, please.

  • gauravanim

    yes i do have
    stay tuned i am so excited :)

  • AppleGrew

    Hey gaurav, best of luck and do upload the video of the Coda-Voda workshop on You-tube, if possible.

  • ysvry


  • Bart

    @ysvry: comment removed – offtopic and grieving to Indian users.

  • gauravanim

    Hey friends yesterday the BLENDER DEMO in IIT was great…B.Tech and M.Tech guys in front of me…30 – 40 people

    I think i had told them all i had thought ….

    i had planned it for 1 hour ..time and constraints also permits

    so it was a 2 and 1/2 hour presentation.

    i am satisfied with my efforts … though there are some areas to look upon in terms of verbal and presentation skills

    Initially i faced some graphics-hardware issues

    I had given presentation on Ubuntu laptop

    I want to run Club Silo game from the .Blend but dont know game menus were not responding to key strokes…though i had tested it on windows and fedora worked fine
    but anyways….

    So here is WHAT I HAD DONE ?…I you wanna know

    1. I had started with Blender intro – Is it Blender or Blunder ??

    2. Then what you can do with it .

    3d Images – Shown them

    Movies – Elephants dream (shown them)
    – Plumiferos Movie (Screen Shots)
    – Blender in spider man 2 ??(discussed)
    – Fluid Simulation (Still images + Mike pan’s demo reel (had Fluid demo)

    Standalone 3d games – Club Silo (luma labs)
    {Run it from .blend ,faced some issues – graphic card compatibility }
    – Some other game demos shown

    3. Compared Blender with max,maya

    4. Resources -Links
    – Blender Toolbar – No need to dive in sea of bookmarks for beginners

    5. Final thoughts

    6.Happy Blending Message….

    7. Jumped in to Blender
    – 3d Modeling demo (Basic)
    – Animation demo(Basic)
    – Game engine demo(Basic)
    – Fluid demo (Basic)
    – Scripting intro (Python + BLENDER API)

    8. Regression Files demo
    – graphics demo (selected .blend)
    -physics demo (selected .blend)

    9. Satisfied queries of future blender heads in between the demo

    10. Project peach and Apricot – screen shots
    (i said hair and portion in blender is weak but the screen shots had lot of nice fur…i said they had improved a lot now…blender movies act as feedback for blender developers too)…Told them it was in house production tool…if u want you can check the history

    11. That’s all folks

    one guy asked next time come with python… that is Blending into python :)

    Ok here is you tube link – you tube playlist

    i had one more you tube video soon i will upload it too…my friend have that in his mobile

    Hey Bart here are the images …. ;)

    Though there are less….if i get more pics i will upload them all

    So guys thanks a lot ..thanks Bart…Thanks Ton Rossendal…blender heads..blender nation…Open source..Open source people..

    THANK GOD !!

    Thanks a lot

    Gaurav Mishra

  • CubOfJudahsLion

    Great going, Gaurav. Kudos.

  • Byron Kindig

    Gaurav, Great job! Thanks for posting all the videos and photos too. I like the outline of your presentation. Whenever I have given demos time has always been a big considerartion. Blender has so much it is hard to show it all. Once I was given only 15 minutes and another time 2 hours. (I liked the 2 hours much more.)

  • gauravanim

    if you want here is the presentation too…that just because of my Boss too..

    you can also download it to

    Enjoy blender heads

  • Bart

    @gaurav: cool, thanks for all the extra material! We have another face to go with the name :)

  • gauravanim

    Hey guys you can also download and watch the demo videos too in original format

    That’s all i can give :D ;)

    More FUN!!!!

  • gauravanim

    you need to register if you are not an esnips member and then you can download all the stuff

  • Satish ‘ILuvBlender’ Goda

    Hello Gaurav.

    Great going man. Really proud of you.

    Good luck.

    - Satish.

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