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Peach Interviews: Brecht van Lommel

brecht.jpgTwo weeks ago I visited the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, where I had a chance to talk to the members of the Peach team (and a member of Apricot as well!). I taped my conversations with them and for the next week, we'll publish one interview each day. Today the eighth and final part: Brecht van Lommel, Technical Director.


  • Sergeant_oreo

    This is probably my favorite interview as Brecht is one of my
    favorite Peach team members (no offense to anybody else) who
    doesn't go hugging people all the time. xD

  • Meneer de Peer

    What's wrong with hugging?

  • Gustav

    #1 I second that. I hope the blender institute will have enought money to keep him longer than 6 month, he is a great asset and have done som much for blender. But geniuses dosen't grow on trees, I am sure that alot of other companies want him to, who are willing to pay more $$$....

  • campbell barton

    Lucky Brecht isnt shallow and doesn't care so much about $$$, working with opensource has a lot to offer that commercial ventures don't ;)

  • flo

    am i the only one that gets a xml did not load error where the video shoul be on the last two interviews( my english is a litlebit rusty)

  • r.tilleul

    Brecht is also my favorite one. To be very proud of. R.Tilleul

  • Timm

    What I want to know: How old is Brecht van Lommel. He seems to be very young and its amazing that he has so much knowledge of the complex math and coding. Has he studied computer science?
    Btw.: I don't think there something wrong hugging eachother.

  • IamInnocent

    Only if you want to be hugged.

    What I want is to know where to get my Brecht van Lommel fan club card,

    Just kidding Brecht! I bet that you'd like a fan club even less than bunny hugs. LOL

    But it is true that everyone like (is 'liking' OK? ;) ) a quiet person who lets his/her actions speak for her/him.


  • bjornmose

    well .. i think it just needs to hug the I:=SQRT(-1) way to do it right ..
    said that:
    Brecht, you the worst residuum on the complex plane i ever met :)

  • Mattlou

    Million THANKS! Brecht for all that you are giving to us!

  • SeanJM

    While you are at it. Could you please take 5 minutes of your time and make a shell modifier?


  • Matt

    Aw, how could you blame nathan, who wouldn't want to hug brecht!

  • AniCator

    The biggest Blender bug ever is NATHAN! He spend a lot of time hugging Brecht making it impossible for Brecht to finish micropolygon rendering! Also Nathan lowered the production rate because he was AFK(Away From Keyboard)! Congratulations Nathan!

  • Big Fan

    re hugging - its just in some cultures the social rules are different
    where I am it would be considered pretty well.. suspect.. behaviour to be 'jumping' on people like that
    in fact I imagine Nathan would probably have had his broken nose by now
    seems like a nice guy though ;o)

  • shul

    Brecht is a genius you can hug. you heard it here first!!

    Really, coming across people with his talent who can actually talk to us mere mortals (ton can't talk, actually) is a rarity to say the least - I hope he won't loose it.

  • Cessen

    Big Fan: different cultures like... the USA, where I'm from?

    Actually, I have found that many people in the US seem very anti-physical-contact (aside from maybe handshakes). I think that's unhealthy, honestly...

  • Amir Taaki

    come on, I've met Nathan and he's a nice person. His hugs are fine because he looks like a big rabbit ;)

  • Bart

    @Amir: indeed! His hugs are awesome!

  • JoOngle

    Aaaaww! He´s just one big bunny inside! :)

    That aside...I must say that brecth never lets anyone down,
    Compiling for ages...I´d have to say I read **ALL** Bretch contributions
    simply because I know that every time something comes from Bretch
    you KNOW it will be good!

    Keep Coding man, you´re awesome!

  • Cristo much talk about hugging so close to Valentines Day......

    It would be romantic if it weren't for all that coding and the bunnies and all that male-only contact and shananagans....

    Anyways, great interview here.

    I quite liked interview with Campbell Barton, too - his job reminds me of mine (Qoute: "....whenever something goes wrong, I hear someone call my name out....") And he's Aussie! Go the Aussies!

  • Big Fan

    well I don't think its necessarily good or bad, its just different
    some people are quite uncomfortable or perhaps shy about stuff like that
    or as I say its just not done where they come from or perhaps its reserved for close family and old friends
    people can get and send the wrong messages without realising it
    its just like while some folks stand quite close together to talk others are comfortable a pace back.
    this can produce a rather amusing anxiety dance as the participants try to re-adjust their personal space
    so unhealthy.. i dont depends really - if its a fear of others and profound social isolation well yeah probably.. but if its just personal preference you have to respect their wishes

  • Alexander Ewering

    In "my" culture (which is a culture of its own anyway), excessive hugging between males would be considered homosexual, and homosexuality is not considered healthy in my culture. However, of course, it's obvious that Nathan is just a funny person who does those hugs for fun, with an exaggerated, ironic undertone. So, they're perfectly fine if you KNOW him :)

  • S.Steinegger

    Hey, people ... is this a popularity contest or something? I thought it is about blender, coding, modeling, rendering and such things ... But this sounds like the forum of a reality soap. Did I misunderstand something? May be I'm just getting old (I'm 32 ...).

    For the contest go here:

    And of course, don't forget to join the fan club


    Are you interested in knowing if I like hugging or not? No, I won't tell you. But I like Blender. Really, I do. Thanks a lot to Brecht and all the other people (also to the guys I probably wouldn't like if I met them) for their great work - keep coding!

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