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Sculpting timelapse collection

sculpt.jpgHow about a collection of video timelapses demonstrating sculpting in Blender? Sure! Good for inspiration and fun to watch. Let us know if you've come across any and link them in the comments. We'll add them to the post. Enjoy!

In no particular order:


  • TX_RX_FX

    Wow the Lost Character timelapse shows an awesome final result. Most impressive. Nice work!

  • Tim F

    Also, here's a a video series in sculpting in Z-brush. It's very detailed. Even though it's for Z-Brush, most of the auothr' techniques can be adapted for Blender sculpt mode.

  • jaco

    yep you right;) in the sculpting thing tutorials for other apps (zbrush, mudbox...) can be easily adapted for blender and be brilliant learning resource.. btw thanks for the link:D

  • Oblenob

    Ooh mine is there. seventh down. I hate that video. it was my first time sculpting (well probably second) and it is rather messy. especially the eyes and lights.

  • Marve

    Hehe, funny.. Number 1 and 5 is mine, number 5 being my first 'finished' sculpt..

  • Ian Elsner

    Great collection. I've included a human face sculpting timelapse into the second half of this podcast, but there is also commentary, so I don't know if can be included in the list...

  • DramaKing

    It really is amazing the kinds of things that can be done with Sculpt.

  • JvIasterMind

    A lot of great videos! Another timelapse I like is Colossus by Martin Krol (ZBrush)...

  • obibok

    nice mine is here too ... but actually its a devils head not a demon

  • ph0ng

    woah. u be kickin lotz of ass. do u by any chance have hi-res version of those? can't clearly see which options you're using?

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