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Car Model Repository

Car libraryHere is another great model repository, now with a lot of car models. The DMI car 3d models are all available freely for download, in the LWO file format. That is fully compatible with Blender!

After importing the models, you will have to work on the materials, since all of them come without any pre-configured materials or colors. The library is divided into five categories:

  • Automobiles
  • Military
  • Sport cars
  • Fire-Rescue-Police
  • Trucks

Here is how the models look like in Blender:

Models into Blender

If you want to download the models, visit this link. This is a very good resource for anyone working with architectural visualization.


  • LoMac

    Your link is misdirected. It has BlenderNation before it.

  • Allan Brito


    Thanks LoMac.

  • Moonman

    I just downloaded the Panzer II.

    While the console doesn't complain of any import warnings or errors, the tank doesn't seem to be whole.... Oh well

  • Janosch1234

    Just a hint:
    Only free for private use.


  • Sinistar

    cool link. they should add a "search" fields: there are a lot of cars!

  • Jaco

    It seems that download links are broken,...maybe again bandwidth problems?...Or maybe I alone can't download anything?

  • Bart

    @Jaco: some downloads seem to be broken, but most work fine. I don't think we've busted this site yet ;-)

  • elite2864

    Such links nobody really need!
    The (most) models are tesselated and in one mesh!!
    Try to texture them!

  • Guest

    @elite2864 : Don't forget that you can give more than one material to an object.

  • GabySoft

    Without colors or textures? well, the tunning part its the funny part, hehehe.

  • Roger Waggener

    Elite2864- don't dismiss this source so quickly.

    I just downloaded an F1 car that not only was separated into several meshes, but came with jpegs to texture them with.

    It's a pretty nice model for free.

  • Catboy85

    @sinistar : You can use google to search within a site.

    E.G. panzer site:

  • IamInnocent

    Just for precision:
    the models are on various external sites. They differ in quality, in mesh structure and in texturing. They also have different licenses. We can refer to the original site or the readme.txt that comes with the model when we're lucky enough to find them.


  • MFX

    And now to something completely different:

    If I turn off Javascript strange links appear at the end of this page (all linking to What's this all about? Pushing the Pagerank for that Site?

  • guest

    may b e you news posting guys FIRST check with the site owner about traffic etc.
    because almost every car i click i become a Service Unavailable error.
    same thing at Guide on Blender Fluid Simulator's Parameters. there ill get

    Traffico temporaneamente bloccato

    Il traffico verso questo sito web è stato temporaneamente bloccato perchè è stata superata la quota mensile assegnata all'account pkblender pari a 10 GBytes, il sito sarà nuovamente accessibile a partire dal primo giorno del prossimo mese.

  • Bart

    @guest: yeah, that blows, I agree. Try again in a few days. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the time to check with everyone before posting a story. We'd never get anything done!

  • U-238

    Wow, nice find. There's a lot of nice looking models there.

    Though, modeling your own cars is more fun. :D

  • Carl Complaint

    If someone can't afford the $5 a month for half-decent hosting, let them be busted. BUT: also take offline the corresponding article then ;)

  • Yorik

    I also found those models quite good... even if they don't have materials, the meshes are well made, so you can easily select one vertex from the left door, SHIFT+L, and you have the whole left door (without the glass) selected, so applying materials goes quite fast.

  • Carl Complaint

    BTW, this is another reason why I immediately wget -r a site if it contains anything useful ;)

  • IamInnocent

    IOW you overload sites because you fear that they crash under the load...



  • luft13

    These models do not work with my blender (2.45), it says that they are not .blend files.

  • IamInnocent

    Of course not since they are in LWO format which is LightWave3D format.
    Just as any other format you have to import them into a .blend file.
    Go to File>Import>LightWave(lwo)... , find your file and click LMB on it then LMB on the 'Import LW' button.


  • Luft13

    thanks alot that worked

  • Eric C.

    Something else to consider...

    There is a tool available called AccuTrans 3D ( I use this tool to open the LWO file (shows all the colors and UV textures) and then save the file back with various options that separate each material into it's own object. Make the Import process into Blender SOOOO much easier...

    My $0.02,

    Eric "GuitarEC"

  • Latest Model Cars

    Today most of the car models that are available elsewhere are also available in world

  • Zac

    i cant find File>Import>LWO in 2.48

  • Sam_Benson

    That is a great website!! but I have great ideas of games, suspensions, 3rd person cameras, multiplayer, HELP!! could anyone point me towards (not just any) good tutorials that will show me how to carry out the required scripting etc. to fulfill these ideas?

  • NpN Games

    Hey you are a great modeler. Can I use these models for my game?

  • blendernation

    I tried but the LWO didin't work with blender...
    I am using Linux

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