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November 24th: Blender Presentation in Eindhoven, Netherlands

strp-logo.pngJoeri Kassenaar, former employee of Not a Number, will be hosting a full-evening session on Blender at the STRP Art & Technology Festival 2007 on November 24th in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The programme is:

  • Blender's history
  • Blender animation showcase
  • Blender demonstration
  • Open content and viewing of Elephants Dream

For more information, see the Festival website [Dutch].


  • goodneck

    lol, that's just like 10 mins from where i live! i might go and see that, i was planning to go to the festival anyway :P

    p.s. FIRST POST!!!! \o/

  • Alexandre Rangel

    I'll be there. Good luck, Joeri!

  • Sven

    Funny, my father works on that very same terrain :P I'll see if I have time, sounds interesting though.

  • Sven

    I can't find the blender part in the programma. Can someone tell me?

  • Twan

    As far as i can see Joeri will be speaking on Sunday and not on Saturday.

    I'll meet you all there :-)

  • Sven

    That will be it :P
    24th is a Saturday though, according to my computer.

  • Bart

    Hi guys, I received the lead for this post from Joeri himself and as far as he knows, his presentation is on Saturday night:

    Avond vullend programma over blender, op zaterdag 24 november, door
    1) Geschiedens van blender
    2) Animaties gemaakt met blender
    3) Demonstratie blender
    4) Open content en viewing Elephants Dream

  • Twan

    Take a look at sunday 25th at Hal 7. Something went wrong somewhere :-)

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