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Blender SFX Workshop DVD 'Greenscreen Nightmare!' Released

blender_sfx_workshop_logo.jpgRemember the 'Color Difference Keying with Nodes' by David Weese? Well, David has now produced an hour long DVD teaching you the secrets of successful keying.

David writes:

This is a "look over the artists shoulder" approach. While newbies will benefit, this video series assumes basic knowledge of the Blender interface. Each volume will focus on a real world production challenge.Our goal and slogan is "Do your work better. Do better work". We believe digging deeper, thinking outside the box, and being practical can help everyone do amazing work with Blender.

Volume one is called "Greenscreen Nightmare", and focuses on Blender's Node Based Compositor as we tackle a really tough greenscreen shot that requires knowledge of color difference keying, garbage matting, spill removal, and even 2D tracking.

Learn more on our website.

Best Regards

Dave Weese

The looks sweet - check out the detail page containing an excerpt of the video. We'll try to get a review of the DVD posted asap.
The 1-hour long DVD is priced at $39.99 and you can order it online (duh ;-).


  • ccherrett

    hmm I think I will be ordering that :)

  • Jahmaica there more Blender DVD tutorials around ? Where can we find information about that titles? When will Blender release those Animation DVD they recorded with Bassam ?

  • Ben

    Good to hear more training stuff is out there.

    Jahmaica - is a dvd about modelling the human head that looks quite good. Not sure on any others.

  • Bart

    @Jahmaica: check out the 'training videos' category on this site:

  • Tony

    I placed my order. Looks great.

  • freen

    Already used some of the stuff from David's previous vid in my work.
    Brilliant stuff. I'll be ordering this one!

  • Paul

    Very cool stuff. Only it seems that people really exaggerate the difficulty of keying. I have used both node based compositors and the After Effects/Avid type, and have never had any difficulties pulling a key. And you should see how terrible my green screen is :). For example:
    Terrible green screen, Semi-Decent Key

  • RamboBaby

    Sorry Paul. Looks like you pulled your key with a jigsaw. I think you overestimate your abilities.

  • Cornelius Brackett

    I'm really not trying to troll here, but is all that really necessary to key that out? You may have to mix your keying types up a bit in AE, but I've had to key worse footage than that, and I think the results come out better. Hell, i think the results of a bad roto come out better IMHO.

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