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  • freeality

    Happy Birthday! And thanks for your work with Blendernation....


  • Teatime

    he's 5? Happy Birthday :D

  • Virgilio

    Whoa!!! =D

    Happy Birthday, Bart!

  • toonist

    Happy birthday Bart! =D

  • ThoC

    Happy birthday Bart! :)

  • chaotician

    happy birthday,

    well done with blendernation


  • TKR101010

    Happy birthday! :)

    Go out and do something fun this evening :)

  • fraek

    happy birthday...

  • Sephiroth the Bimbo Master

    Happy Birthday Bart!!!! :)

  • masternave

    Happy B'Day Bart!!!

  • Joel

    Happy Birthday Bart!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your work with BlenderNation!

  • Cortot

    Only the best for you!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday.

  • thoro (Thorsten Schlüter)

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Balista

    Happy Birthday!

  • blendercross

    Happy birthday!!!
    ...and thanks for your patience with us blenderheads (..freaks)!!

  • Bart

    HEY! That's a pretty cool surprise :) Thanks!!

  • Simon

    Happy birthday Bart!!!

  • LoMac

    Merry Birthday!!!

  • Sago

    Happy birthday, Bart.

    now grow up!

  • Yorik

    Happy birthday Bart!

  • Vince

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the great work on Blendernation!!

  • ccherrett

    Happy Birthday Bart!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Have a fantastic year. I hope it is your best so far :)

  • Gat

    Happy birthday!

  • Schlops

    Yay! HAPPY BirthDaY!!!

  • Sanne

    Happy birthday, Bart, have a nice day, and thanks for all your work!

  • Kernon

    Happy Birthday, Bart!!

  • gumanoed

    Happy birthday, Bart! All you wish to you and more then you can imagin!

  • macouno

    happy birthday indeed... and just remember... if I don't get cake you don't get a present ;)

  • Lasphere

    Happy birthey to bart! Yooou look like a monkey, aaaaaaaaaand you smell like one to! :P Just kidding. (that song was from madagascar, Dreamworks) thank you for Blendernation!


    Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Bart!

  • davidh7426

    Best wishes from me too... Bart

  • tom

    hey bart!!!

    have a great time at your birthday and thanks for keeping up your work with blendernation!!

    greetz from germany!

  • Cuby

    Happy Birthday! Have a good one!

    Thanks for BlenderNation!

  • Jeepster

    ^what they all said

  • MathiasPedersen

    Happy birthday and best wishes!


  • oneguy

    Happy Birthday Bart, thanx for this great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IamInnocent

    You know what?
    I wish you to have a good day for this birthday of yours, of course, but I want to celebrate it for myself because this was a good day for all of us Blendies, most certainly.



  • Apollos

    Forget about the past, you can't change it.
    Forget about the future, you can't predict it.
    Forget about the present, I didn't get you one

    I love that! I'm gonna have to use it on someone.

    Happy Birthday Bart!!!

    Off Topic: (Joke) What is the last thing a Texan does before he dies? He puts down his beer and says, "Watch this."

  • PlantPerson

    Bart -- when I started blender, your site was the only tutorial site I knew. Thanks for being there. Happy birthday.

  • Tynach

    Happy Birthday! Mine is in eight days (the 18th)!

  • DaveC

    Happy Birthday, young man! :D

  • ddwagnz

    Happy B/Day Bart, and how old are we turning???!!!?? :P
    Hope it was warm and sunny and not cold like it was on mine!

  • joeri

    Happy birthday to you.

  • kram1032

    Happy Birthday, a bit late....

    Sago wrote:

    now grow up!

    NEVER! Lol

  • Omar Modesto

    Happy birthday, Bart!!

  • RAY16

    Happy B-Day.

  • Felix_Kütt

    well, im a tad bit late but, Gratz to you Bart, and many, many, many, many more to come(im sure there will be many more! ;) )

  • ibkanat

    Happy Birthday

  • terence

    Gefeliciteerd bart. Enjoy your b-day

  • r3615

    Happy Birthday !
    And many thanks for your great contribution to the community...

  • jedihe

    Happy Birthday!!!!! :)


  • RedBirdiii

    Happy Birthday to you, Bart!

    May you live to see Blender version 9 and beyond.

  • joeedh

    ok, so its been said a hundred time, but nice work on blendernation :)


  • David Revoy

    Happy birthday !

  • Sergeant Oreo

    Happy birthday Bart.
    Can I have a slice of that cake?
    Anyway, thanks for all the work that was put into BlenderNation,
    a website that is a must-have for all Blender users.

  • Nicknamz

    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, happy bithday!!... this is the best site, every day something new :D, some time is a gift for us all the good thing we found here, so THANKS!... Now Blow Out Candles

  • Cubedude04

    Happy birthday Bart =D

    Have a great day

  • Cativo

    Have a Happy Birthday man(a bit late)!

  • jaycun

    Man, this is a long thread.

    Anyway, happy birthday and may you have many more (if you're only five :).

    Thanks for blendernation; it is great!

  • Thomas Braun

    happy birthday from me too - funny enough, the 10th is my brithday too :-)

  • Freakydude

    Happy Birthday dude

  • Dion Moult

    He needs a big "BLENDER" cake! Or at least one in it's colours :)

  • carlinhos

    Happy birthday Bart !!

    And thanks for your great work at BlenderNation!

  • MPsaur

    Happy birthday Bart!, here is a litle gift.. (open the box)


    !Happy birthday Bart! ;)

  • varsendagger

    it was my birthday too

  • zaniocz

    hey, congratulations, Happy Birthday Bart, long life

  • Þiðrekr

    Happy birthday! It happens to be mine today. ;)

  • Allan Brito

    I guess I`m a little late, but happy birthday anyway!

    best wishes! :)


    Verry Happy Birthday / Heel fijne verjaardag!

  • Satoshi

    Bit(Too)late, Happy birthday, B@rt!

  • Sander

    Better late than never: A very happy birthday Bart! I hope you had a nice day.
    All the best!

  • Josh

    Have the bestest birthday ever!

  • Elk

    Happy birthday Bart!!

  • Mindaugas_HW

    Happy birthday!

  • Ephalim

    Happy birthday BART!
    A little bit to late..but better later then never ;).

  • H.O.M

    Hi, Will I don't have a Gift the only gift i can give is saying Happy Birthday may be its a word but you have
    friends share happy moments.

    Happy Birthday.

  • George

    happy birthday and thank you for everything you did for blender nation (sorry for the late comment)

  • PlantPerson

    Wow. Nowhere can you get a bigger "happy birthday" than on the internet.

  • dalekbell

    I'm not sure if the number of candles on that cake is strictly accurate :-).
    Happy birthday, and thanks.