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Grass Tutorial

soccerfinalhiresuj7.jpgImperitor wrote this nice grass tutorial on the Blender Artists forums. It goes through the process of making grass in Blender step by step in an easily comprehendible way. This is a good tutorial for anyone wanting to make grass in Blender, or someone new to the particle system.

Towards the end, Imperitor also briefly gives some more advanced tips and techniques covering things like weight paint and curve guides.

This tutorial is not new (it's almost a year old), so don't expect any new posts in the thread to be answered. It's still a nice read nonetheless.

Read the tutorial here!


  • John

    Call me crazy...but how do I get there?

  • MathiasPedersen

    @John: Oh, my bad. Forgot to include the link. It's fixed now.

    Thanks for the quick heads-up! Total disaster avoided. :)

  • Bart

    note to self: check articles before posting!

  • rpgsimmaster

    Imperitor's tutorial is wonderful.

    Even for someone like me, who spends as much time on Blender's Particle features as he does on Blender's mesh features, this tutorial reminded me of, and even taught me, a few tricks.

    I especially like his example render at the very end... Very neat...

  • PiPi

    Great, thanks...


  • Blenderer

    hmmm this is quite old tutorial I think ??

  • Barek

    I was wondering if this tutorial could be re-done for the new Blender version 2.43. I havn't done this tutorial yet, however, but I would love to have recent tutorials on particles.
    Also, if an expert could make a tutorial on fire and explosions using particles, that would rock.
    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  • DJ_Boxer

    The tutorial was updated a little while ago give or take a month.

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