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  • FernandoG

    Blender really keeps surprising me every day.. before today, i never tried sculpt mode, but when i saw this tutorial i thought.. Well, i´ll give it a shot.. I was amazed by this powerfoul tool. Ever wanted to create a desert scenario? Just grab a plane, subdivide it, a work it in sculpt mode for 3 min.. And your desert is ready. Thanks for everything Blender team.

  • PiPi

    Robert, this one is really N. one :)


  • skyduster

    :: per se:: I may just be too anal! Thanks for the ref...

  • Howard

    To made a desert is another great tool :) but sculp mode is really great I use it since RC3 was realised and I love it this is the greatest tool that we can find in blender. I'm sure that in the future we will see sculp as good as ZBrush. :D

    If I made some orts sorry . I'm from Poland and i don't see mistakes. :P

  • Renato Perini

    Nice, this was very needed.
    But I notice that the GSoC sky simulator will not be in. Why?
    Sometimes I feel that some decisions are not well "explained"...

    Other than that, great work, as usual.

  • brian

    I think its still in progress Renato. But lets keep discussion on topic. Thanks!

  • Alexander Ewering

    (Still in progress 8 months after summer = lots of probability that it will still finish ;-)

  • Daniel

    Well, i guess it's nice to have (haven't had a look at it myself), but where's the big difference between this and proportional edit? I think i'm missing something, right?

  • Bmud

    I'm running home to read more in depth. This looks incredible!

  • DGE

    Daniel - try it and you'll see (it's most useful if you have a pressure-sensitive tablet). It's such a fast and intuitive work-flow it's not even a comparison to Prop. Mode. You no longer have to select vertices, move them, adjust the selection again, subdivide, select again, move again... you just *push*.

    With Sculpt Mode it's not about pushing vertices any more - it's truly like sculpting - only more powerful and you don't have to wash up after :-)

  • Jacob Randal

    Sculpt mode users should have only ONE 3D viewport active in Blender to efficiently sculpt. I usually have three 3D viewports open, and Sculpt mode was running horribly slow, but now I know why! Duh! Blender was redrawing the mesh three times. Hope this helps someone. :)

  • Satish "ILuvBlender" Goda

    Nice image and really like the way RobertT explained his workflow. Thanks RobertT.


    Did you know ...?

    ..... that pressing PAGE_UP and PAGE_DOWN key while in sculpt mode increases/decreases the multi resolution mesh level.