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The Project is a website focused on the science-fiction universe of Battlestar Galactica. BlenderGalactica's goal is to get the entire fleet of spaceships from Battlestar Galactica into downloadable packed .blends (many with textures as well).

Andrew Fickert writes: has undergone a complete face lift with the entire Coxxen low-poly model collection converted and UV mapped in packed .blend files. There are also several high res high poly TOS meshes available. More meshes are being added at the rate of about 1 per week.

There are also plans to have a few texturing contests with real prizes to get the TOS high poly models looking good. (The model details are there, but no textures).

There are currently 27 ships in the downloads section, and more are coming along. If you like Battlestar Galactica, check this site out and maybe support it with your own models or help improve the ones already there.


Nice initiative!

[edit:] The site has been "BlenderNationed" (server bandwith limit exceeded). The BlenderGalactica downloads have been hosted here: (thanks to Unimatrix for the hint).


  • CubOfJudahsLion

    Best of luck with your project!

  • Sven

    Cool! They should do something like this for stargate too :P

  • blendercross

    ..... yeah - Adama, Apollo and the good old Cylons..... i like that stuff!!!
    Nice site - intresting projekt - bookmarked!

  • TXRX

    Looks like the site has been blenderised.

    "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" lol.

    Nice idea, would love to see some nice viper models..

  • Omar Abo-Namous

    wow. i DEMAND a graph of the stats after mention in blendernation!! It can't be THAT much traffic..

  • aws357

    Hope the things inside are more convincing than the low poly photo of the galactica starship...

    Or is that for a vdeogame?

  • Unimatrix

    The domain name was switched over moments ago and should start pointing to:

    All the models are being uploaded as we speak. There are quite a few low ploy and then some high-poly versions of models as well. I'm working on getting a high res celestra and the Nu Galactica (jaspers) converted to blender.

  • MathiasPedersen

    @Unimatrix: Article updated. Thanks for the heads up.


  • ChicOrtiz

    Nice! Beauty models...

    I would like to see your advanced modeling skills aimed to create a brand new world of spaceships and Sci-Fi!

    Sometimes to deal with trademarks can be frustrating to your project. Take a look to what happened to "Freecraft", a tiny open source project based on Warcraft... Blizzard just crushed this people.

    Take care!

  • Unimatrix

    These are all conversions of other models available to the community. We're just taking what people have done in MAX and Lightwave for use in Blender. We had to do this for a fan made 3D Video iPod series using blender as the animation application. (Post is being ran through Final Cut Pro, Shake, and Effects Lab Pro)

    I have a library personal ships for a project I was working on in game blender. Most were low poly models so they could used in such projects.

  • matej

    For those of you who like sci-fy there is also a StarTrek website.
    they have all kinds of cool meshes and they need your help to post more.

  • JayPFP

    I'd also like to mention the ubiquitous which has been operating in this vein since about 2000.


  • gsyhsrsh

    both blendergalactica and battlestar olympia fail to load (dns error). have they been shut down or is it me, if they haven't been shut down i'll have to try a proxy to reach them.

    • blengine

      Sorry it doesn't look like either of these sites exist anymore.

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