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"One Froggy Evening" Animation

onefroggyevening6.jpgWho doesn't like a good cartoon? - especially the classics by Chuck Jones. Well, Virgilio Carlo de Menezes (aka VirgilioVasconcelos) has made the great classic, "One Froggy Evening", the focus of his graduation project. That's right, "One Froggy Evening" in Blender 3D!

This is very good work that retains all of the goodness and character of the original classic.

He writes:

This is my graduation project, a short film for the Graphic Design course.

It´s a remake in homage to Chuck Jones and his classic "One Froggy Evening" (Warner Bros., 1955). Actually, we made the first scene of the cartoon.

I did all 3D stuff, including textures (my girlfriend helped me on these). The background is 2D, and was made by my group mate.

Now, if that isn't enough, they've gone the extra mile and created a very nice "making-of" video that, although short in its duration, still manages to reveal quite a bit about the technical side of the creation - a must-see!

The animation is only of the first scene but, with a little encouragement, maybe they'll finish it and leave us with something that will surely become a classic in the Blender community. Great work!


The Animation: (YouTube video) (DivX, plays flawlessly in VLC)

The Making-Of: (YouTube video) (DivX)



  • Bart

    While playing the 'making of' on YouTube, I saw a link to the original movie.

    The accuracy of Virgilio's recreation is incredible and I hope that he'll find the time to finish the movie :)



  • grafixsuz

    ABSOLUTELY FAN BLOODY RIPPIN' BEAUTY TASTIC, O.k. I saw the first film then watched the making of... guys, You must watch the making of film after you watched the actual clip. That was so beautifully done, I was really really amazed that it was blender. And I love blender, and that would have to be one of the best animations I have seen done with blender for a long, long time. Superb job, I take my hat off to you guys!!!!!!

  • alessio


  • Vladius T

    HAHahhahaha ... awesome!!!

  • Vladius T

    tell the author to post on CGTalk, please

  • johnj

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded :(

  • Peter

    Simply awesome. That's just plain frickin' awesome.

  • blendercross

    I like the originals of Chuck Jones very much, he animated his characters very exact on the point.
    VirgilioVasconcelos transported the originale Style and Timing very precise to blender. Very well done and
    like Bart said: would be nice to see the rest of the movie.
    Great piece of an animation - also for the "Making of".

  • ChicOrtiz

    Dude this is one of my favotite animations! I used to sing like the frog "helo my baby!"

    Congratulations! Brasil rulez!

  • zxayant

    Fantastic! Awesome! Beautifully done! He really manages to keep the spirit of the original cartoon!

    A beautiful reproduction!

  • Alex

    Hm... I think the download got blendernationed..... good thing the movie's also n youtube!

  • TXRX

    I like the attention to detail, and the faithful recreation. A great way to learn from the masters of yesteryear.

    Nice work.

  • http://egge agaergaer

    Great Movie! Event bether that the Wikipedia-Gurk!

  • mike pan

    in my opinion the character animation is better than that of ED... it just looks more natural.

  • Virgilio Vasconcelos

    Hey Guys! =D

    Wow... what a surprise when I came into Blendernation to see what's new!

    Thanks a ton for your comments! It really means a lot to me!

    I never thought the 5GB limit I have would be exceeded. Now I've uploaded the avi to another server, based on a previous post I've seen here in BlenderNation.

    Now you also can download it from:


  • Jules

    Excellent work, Virgilio. The making-of gave a brief insight into the character rigging - especially the use of additional, non-render geometry to aid in pose and animation. Are there any tutorials available about this technique?

  • Mathias Pedersen (The M.h.p.e.)

    I really enjoyed the stuff in the making of about the backgrounds as well. Lovely style!


  • malefico

    Really lovely and well done stuff ! Congratulations !

  • AppleGrew

    I have never seen the actual animation, but this is really cool and looks so authentic! BTW the link to download the making-of video gives server not responding error; I have tried many times but I get the same error.

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