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'Blender Mats' Material Libraries

matcolorshift-1jpg.jpgOscar Alvarado has prepares no less than seven themed material libraries for use with Blender, each consisting of ten materials. He even expects to add another five next month.

The materials all look very professional and you should be able to find a use for them.

The currently available libraries are:

  • Colorshift Paint 1
  • Metallic Paint 1
  • Glossy Paint 1
  • Precious Metals 1
  • Ancient Stone 1
  • Colored Glass 1
  • Ultra GLossy Metal
  • Microscope View Pack 1

To use them, follow Oscar's instructions:

  1. Load or make a new scene (or use some scene from your perssonal project, etc).
  2. Use the Shift + F1 shortcut for call the "Load Library" dialog.
  3. Use the browser in the window to find the ".blend" file whit the materials (COLORSHIFT 1 for example).
  4. Click on it and, from the list, select the word "Material".
  5. From the list of materials,choose and click the material name and then click on the "Load Library" button.
  6. Go to the Materials section and select for asign the new material added to the scene on the meshes, curves, etc.

For a good overview, and for reference while working with the materials, grab the Catalog.


  • AniCator


  • gls

    Good work. The only bad thing is you have to register at the eSnips site, but is a minor problem. Keep it up

  • Bart

    @gls: that's strange; I can download it right away without registering!

  • UglyMike

    Nope, have to create an account to log in.
    Maybe small deal, but no thanks.

  • luckyhaskins

    I was able to download without registering?!?!?! At least the whole catalog anyway...

  • Eon

    it's strange. I can grab the catalog without registering but not the microscope mats.

  • Wivern

    Downloaded right away. Nor login nor anything. Here is a direct link for ColorShift lib.

  • Bmud

    If someone converts all these materials to the proper Blender Library format, that'd be awesome.

  • Kernon

    Great! Thanks!

    There's no registration required for any of them. Don't freak out because you see the word "login".

  • Kernon

    What format is that?

  • Jim Wyman

    I don't know who eSnips is.
    I have no reason to trust eSnips.
    I don't care to associate with eSnips.
    I don't want to worry if eSnips is going to spam me.
    It's not worth it to register with this strange entity.
    Even if eSnips is mostly good and trustworthy, I can be sure they want to divert my attention from whatever it was I was doing so that they can whittle away at the dwindling minutes I have left in this life and pry some money away from me.

    If I'm going to share a large file, I'm going to find a more benign way to share it via some other resource, and not ask Blenderheads to risk something with a strange commercial host.

    Is anyone willing to send it to me if I trust you with my e-mail address?

  • gman

    to: Jim Wyman... read the comments. no reg req. :)

  • Uglymike

    OK, for the slow people out there, some of us, when clicking the download banner, go to a site "". Fine. It shows an archive icon labeled "Download CATALOG". Clicking either the icon or the label brings us to ";jsessionid=882C2057CEBDA4BAEE11CAEBE3F4B09A" which is the user login page.
    There is no option to download anything anywhere. As for the account creation, Jim Wyman said it better than I can.

    Also the direct link given by Wivern is tranlsated to the login page. The only thing I can think about is that some retard created an IE-only site. I'm currently browsing with Konqueror, KDE's swiss army knife browser (although changing the identifier didn't help) Same scenario using Firefox 1.5 AND 2.0

    So, it's waiting until some kind soul stores the (very interesting-looking) material files on a more acceptable location

  • Kernon


  • chris

    Currently they can all be downloaded with registration except the first one on the list "Colorshift paint 1".

  • Alexander Ewering

    Jim Wyman: If you are sick of your E-Mail address getting abused for SPAM, try ;)

    Anyway, I'd like to know about that library format Bman mentioned, too... must 've missed another CVS feature :)

  • MartinvDK

    No registration required here either :D
    But I don't like taking others' materials, I guess I can use it as inspiration when I need it.
    They look pretty nice, especially the microscopic ones!
    Great work!

  • Rookie

    Really nice work;
    Keep on, colour is like music for the


  • Tony

    To the people getting hot and bothered about (unnnecessary in this case) registration, in fact most of the better currently available content sharing sites (, now require some sort of registration to minimize abuse. You probably ought to get yourself a devoted hotmail account (this is what hotmail is good for... using gmail would be a waste of resources) or a sneakemail account for registering to unkown things. Just my 2c, but going around never registering for anything seems kind of like a problem you create yourself, and then bitching about it when somebody gives you something of value for free like this is just incredibly lame.

    On topic: these materials look rad. Thanks!

  • OBI_Ron

    Had no probs w/o registration. Great work!! Thanks for sharing!

  • roofoo

    I grabbed all the files without any registration, so I don't know why others say they had to register.....

  • Jacob Randal

    Thank you for sharing your materials with us, Oscar! :D These are excellent!

  • frr

    Nope, didn't need to sign up here either. In any case, I just use the BugMeNot Firefox extension for sites that 'require' registration.

    The materials look excellent. I'm going to use these to learn how good materials are made.

  • Noadi

    I don't know how some of you are lucky enough not to have to register, no matter which on I clicked I was sent to a login page. I don't sign up for sites I'm never going to use again just to download a few materials. I'd love to try these out if someone mirrors them elsewhere.

  • quiss42

    These are really nice textures. Good work - and thanks for sharing them with us.

    BTW: I didn't have to login, either (using Opera).

    @Uglymike & Noadi: I wouldn't mind mirroring the files, but doing this without Oscar's permission wouldn't be OK.

    @Jim Wyman & Noadi: I could send them by email (all in one ZIP file), if this is OK for you.

  • Nahum

    or yopmail to register. always does the trick for me. thx for the libraries anyway. great job!

  • MaxEvil

    these materials are really great.. :)

    to these people who have problems getting these files, i temporally uploaded them to my site, because getting them was real pain...

    sometimes it wanted registration sometimes it didnt needed it

    so i was in a good mood...

    only one file is missing from there "Colorshift" i just couldnt get it....

  • UglyMike


    Thanks a million for offering the files. Got them npw
    I'm sure Oscar doesn't mind you sharing these files. At least that is the spîrit of putting them up in the beginning, no?

  • http://n/a axiom

    could anybody point me to the esnip files? the freewebs site is "temporarily frozen"

  • http://n/a axiom

    could anybody point me to the esnip files? the freewebs site is "temporarily frozen"

  • robodon

    I'd be willing to mirror those files as well, even host the site under a subdomain, or full domain possibly if you pay the reg. fee to my host. . .

  • http://n/a axiom

    Oh i missed the mirror. Thanks MaxEvil!

  • Alexander Ewering

    This "Freewebs Your Momma" hosting business and sites linking to such sites is a bit whacky. It's the same with the "Python scripts" or "Resources" sections on, where tons of dead links point to abondoned or slashdotted free web hosters.

    Why does not host this stuff?

  • CubOfJudahsLion

    Good question -- both sites seem to have reached imposed bandwidth limits, and fast.

  • Jim Wyman

    Sorry for the rant. Thanks MaxEvil, got the files. Thanks Oscar, for the great stuff and generosity. Thanks all for patience & comments.

  • Oscar Alvarado

    Thanks to all for your comments!

    The download problem is a real pain to me. Is no my intention. Soon we have a real website whit lots of new materials and textures.
    I,m now working for the Total Textures CDs Updates ( and still learn about the process.
    The basic mats that you see on the website are free and you can redistribute free.
    In the future may be I made some special packs for sale or something like that.
    By the way. Please, I need Your opinion and suggestions about this.

    Thanks again and seeya!!

    Sorry for my baaaaaaad english! I hope you understandme!

    Oscar Alvarado

  • houari

    *hi had no problem downloading the files today after having the "temporary frozen site" several times before...try again today!!!
    *greeting from north africa

  • Nathan Voigt

    Downloads worked for me with no Reg just fine, using Firefox 1.5

    who knows, maybe ESnips is just prejudice

  • Photoguy

    How do you install it.. i can't figure it out, can anyone help please!!

  • Photoguy

    How do you install it... i can't figure it out, can somebody help please!!

  • Photoguy

    oops sorry i posted twice.

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