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Blender Conference Day Two

filipp.jpgSaturday was as exciting as Friday, if not more so. To start off, most of yesterday's streams are now available for download via BitTorrent. Please check the downloads page on and remember to leave your client open when it's finished so other people can benefit from it. The Art Festival video will probably be online tomorrow - the guys here are working hard to make that a reality.

Now, on to the Conference Journal! We've had a bit of training in interviewing people and now that we have acquired a taste for it, we've talked to no less then XXX people for you. We'll start off with Anja Vugts-Verstappen, the woman behind the Blender e-shop. She has an impressive history with Ton and she'll tell you all about it. Next, we move on to Sacha Goedegebure who you may know as Sago on the forums. Sacha creates (in my opinion) insanely funny and well executed artworks.

If you've been watching the live video streams, you may have been wondering who is making sure you can see and hear it all - meet Filipp Lepalaan! Of course we have been talking to all of the Orange people and we have recorded our conversation with Andy, talking about his work for Plumiferos in Argentina. Finally, I had a talk with Sander Wit who created the Blender version of M.C. Escher's 'Up and Down'. I couldn't figure out how he did it, and he explains it all.

Download the Conference Journal, Day 2:

Note: because of time pressure we didn't get the encoding quality we would have liked; hopefully this isn't too awful - I'll try to do a recode tomorrow.

Tonight we'll head off to Restaurant Maurya, where the cook of the Orange team's favorite restaurant will be cooking dinner for us (although it's not the same restaurant - his own place only holds like 30 people and we're with 100 BlenderHeads!). We'll try to shoot some video there and report on the dinner tomorrow.


  • Big Fan

    Hi looking forward to seeing it - the connection is a bit slow at the moment...
    I wonder if you should break this up to say 30-50mb parts when you redo tomorrow?
    People can choose which interviews to see then and it is more dialup friendly maybe

  • super wu-man

    hey thanks for the inteview with Sago, i'm sure it will be entertaining.

    is it possible to just post his interview? i have dial up and can not download 150MB. is it possible to just post individual interviews, even post them on or somthing, so everyone can see it.

    big thanks for doing the interview, thats awsome,

    super greatness

  • Pitel

    150 MB is imho too big :(

  • Traligy

    cool downloading now :D


    Argh ! With an ADSL line, 150 MB is not so big, but there is a slow down probably because of the amount of people trying to see the movie.

    The download time displayed by download accelerator is currently moving between 6 and 40 hours !

    I think that the flow will be better tomorrow morning.

  • Jakub Steiner

    Absolutely rockin' coverage. And the talks are up already! This is fricken crazy, absolutely marvelous job.

  • Bmud

    torrent this!

  • ren4rd

    BitTorrent :s is so slowly

  • Aligorith

    Can someone post a version of this that has been compressed down (without loosing too much quality) to something under 50 mb (under 30 would be better). I'd rather not spend 1/10th of my adsl bandwidth downloading this one file...


  • madman

    Bart it's possible inside the conference have a PC connected to internet with a channel irc or another program (or via website) to make questions in the end of presentation? I'm talking about of the people who is watching the live stream.

    Sorry my crapy english :D

  • Omar

    haha like on TV show where you can send SMS and get a reply (if the question is relevant, sure :) )

    great Job, well the next Bcon... in a STADIUM

  • IBKanat

    Hey just watched day 2. great job guys!! really interesting meeting the comunity!!!

  • super wu-man

    can anyone this fat bastard?

  • Bmud

    REQUEST! : make the text for new people you're talking to etc last at least 10 seconds or so. I know you say the names of people, but they dissapear too quickly for me to read -- especially with the low bitrate video.

    ANOTHER REQUEST! : I've always wondered what's with Ton's accent. You should ask him! :D

  • venomgfx

    Took a while but it's now uploaded to google video!

    Thanks BlenderNation for the daily reports =)

  • blendercross

    Thanks Bart for sharing "background" with us!
    And great to see the faces of some people where we know there existing.
    .... Anja was an intresting talk - i found.
    18 years in that show - woooo.
    ....and there is a new movie projekt coming?? Great to hear that!!

  • Phreak of Nature


    If you have a braoadband connection then DONT download directly from
    instead download it from right at the page you can choose download for
    your ipod/psp and then download it as an mp4 file ,the size is around 136MB sure its still much
    for you on dial up, but those who have broadband kan get a download speed around 340-350kbit per sec
    Hope this helps
    Cheers P.o.N

  • BArrYZ

    I don't agree using the Google Service: you can save only a GVP Trusted file, or the Trasncoded/recoded version (with a lower quality), not the original Avi.

    IMHO it's far better to release the Torrents file, like the video of the conference, that works outstanding.

    My 0,02

    Anyway thanks for sharing and the videos! :-D

  • Bart

    If anyone sets up torrents for these files I'd be happy to add the links to the article!

  • KidB.
  • ernesto

    Please help me!

    Since yesterday I can not open the web-site from olaf (Olaf Arnold). Nominated for the "Blender Conference, Suzanne Award". Something is wrong.


  • Chico

    Carpe diem!

    And Italians...! don´t forget your adapters ;)

  • ren4rd

    KidB. Thanks for the link ;)


    Whoops, Im sorry I was to late posting the report on google, but the download took hours :)

    Anyway, I hope to supply you with all Google videos. See:

  • GBOI

    after I have downloaded, I plan on loading into youtube, as seperate interviews.

  • roofoo

    Hey, thanks so much for posting these videos!

    But I found a problem with 2 of them. These 2 torrents apparently "do not exist." :

    *A preview of "Introducing Character Animation with Blender" by Tony Mullen
    *The XVR +toolchain for VR by Davide Vercelli

    No matter what I do, I can't download those 2 videos. :[

  • filipp

    roofoo, yeah, those 2 vids didn't get posted right away because of a bug we found in VLC. They should be up there now.

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