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Blender Conference Day One

friday.jpgThe first day of the conference is over and Rui and I had a blast talking to people and getting an interview from Angela. It's 22:00 now, the Art Festival has started and we haven't had dinner yet so I'll only say - enjoy the Conference Journal!


  • rcas

    XVid + MP3 avi file is also available here for those that might have trouble with the mov file ->

    Use VLC, the best way to view it.

    -- Rui --

  • madman

    Thank you a lot!

  • Joeri

    I was very impressed with the blend2crystal presentation.
    Great stuff. What a great group of people that are putting blender to good use!

  • Big Fan

    Great report Bart - sound pics etc. just fine :o)
    The interview was nice to see.

    Thanks very much Angela for your hard work.

  • Kernon

    Real nice! Thanks Bart!

  • Steve

    Thank you!

  • Room335


    Fantastic reporting!!!

    It's the next best thing to being there.


  • Bmud

    Lovely. I can't wait to see tomorrow's stuff.


    Good work! Thanks a lot!

    The sound was very good !


  • Marc Chéhab

    an interview with eskil would be great. cu.

  • BArrYZ

    Thanks a lot Rui for the Xvid Version fo the Video, i really apprecieted!

    :-D :-D :-D

    Good work at the conference!

  • JoOngle

    Man...that was one long interview ;o) (and way too short Blender conference view) but
    thanks for the images anyway ;)

    Didn't know Dutch people could talk english - well...I hereby stand corrected - well done!

    (Oh - and for those without VLC and Quicktime - this format can be viewed
    in Xine, Gxine and your favorite movieplayer IF you install the ffmpeg package!)
    I viewed it in Xine.


  • Johan

    Great report Bart. I was there today, many new and interesting ways of using Blender were shown.

  • Calvin

    Videos are down. Failed 403

  • Bart

    @Calvin: the conference is over for today; we're all heading for the restaurant now... More tomorrow! We'll put up download links for yesterday's sessions in a short while though!

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