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Modeling a face and ear video tutorials

adrianna800.jpgLearning to model organic forms such as the human face and ear presents a unique challenge for one attempting CG organic modeling. But as Blender has evolved so have Blender related tutorials. In these two organic modeling tutorials by Jonathan Williamson aka Mr_Bomb, he takes you through his detailed approach of the face and ear.

Jonathan who is self-taught, used a few tutorials in the beginning to teach himself and asked questions around on the forums. But for the most part he just kept experimenting with Blender and studying other people's projects, seeing how they did it and then trying things out for myself.
Jonathan's been using Blender for about four years and his passion lies in creating characters, most of human form although he certainly delves into other forms from time to time.His current long term goal is to produce a DVD modeling tutorial series.

In his face tutorial he takes you through topology and edgloops complete with background pictures. You'll find this tutorial at Blender Artist Community Journal #2 at the bottom along with some background reference pictures to download.

The ear tutorial can be found at Blender Artist

Note: it's a 190 meg file


  • Catboy85

    Now this is one tutorial worth following through to completion. Absolutly amazing!

  • MagicMyshu

    *wooooookie gasp


  • grafixsuz

    ummm... I am not sure if it's because I am not looking correctly, but... you said down the bottom, with some referrances right? Found the referrances, could not find tutorial, this is what I could find...

    Tutorial - Modelling a Female Face

    mr_bomb takes us through the processes involved in modelling a female head with proper topology and edge loops and setting up your background reference images.

    Final movie is now ready. Audio is now synched with the video. Huge thanks to Shawn Fumo and dukytyme for getting this done.

    80 MB, Xvid encoded file.


    Reference Images



    But no links to any tuts, and nothing else. You should check it again.

  • Thomas Vecchione

    Click on the image right beside what you copy and pasted.


  • Room335


    You get the video by LMB on the picture of the face.

  • Room335

    left mouse button click on picture

  • Vassilios Boucer

    ...very good Tutorial...THANKS!!!!

  • giuseppe


  • etharooni

    Wow, I didn't think I was a blender newbie until I saw this tutorial.

  • ahmed

    i want that video plz send me plzzz

  • eddy

    ear!! i realy needed this ..thx

  • eddy

    ear!! i really needed this ..thx

  • DarkLimit

    As a noob this tut really opened new doors for me, thank you so much.

  • Me

    Was this tutorial removed and if so where can I find it?

  • Att3ro

    Hi, I would like this tutorial but I cant find it... just like "Me".... please send the link!

  • SAJ

    I was also looking for it and I finally found it here

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