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Concrete Texture Pack

Con_textures.jpgCGIndia has published a texture pack containing 15 medium resolution concrete textures. Not all of them are seamless but these should come in handy whenever you want to do some architectural modeling nonetheless.

From the announcement:

Keeping up with our commitment of bringing free and useful features for CG Professionals, CGIndia humbly announce absolutely free and optimized Concrete Texture maps. The Concrete Textures pack contains 15+ medium Resolution textures for use in 3d scenes and architectural visualizations. Now, The Free Texture's Library has collection of very useful and handy Texture maps in five categories. Texture maps are downloadable through our website in .RAR format. All Textures are free for personal use only, Freelancers may use them for commercial purpose........



  • Lasphere

    very nice.. Thx..

  • jackee

    Great awesome textures..Thanks

  • Henrymop

    Oh, yeah, I remember this pack. It's ncie, but is better used for things like overlaying on the base texture, or for blending textures.

  • WiFiWalrus

    How do you import them into Blender? It just opens up in Excel.

  • ccherrett

    WiFiWalrus : you need to unrar them. It is like zip but rar. Google rar.

  • Jim

    Imagine being able to paint your own seamless concrete textures without a whole lot of hassle. I spent about 1.5 years writing, testing, and using an application designed for this very purpose. It's available at

    Bart didn't seem to think it was worth mentioning, but if anyone is interested, it's there, and it's free. Please don't expect another gimp/photoshop/mspaint/whatever. It takes a different approach based on the fact that you're working with textures, and focuses specifically on the ability to combine multple colors/shapes/effects concurrently to achieve its objective. I am currently working on a reference model that is textured almost entirely with hand-painted textures using this software.

  • Tom

    Semicuro rocks!

  • Gene Gilmore

    I downloaded the concrete.....Blender will not open it. It is not a Blender File. Mural Man.

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