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WeirdHat's Blender Work On The Colbert Report

rancor.jpgLooks like a well known Blender user has made the big time with a spot on the Colbert Report.  The Colbert Report is a U.S. TV show hosted by Stephen Colbert and is a parody of pundit news shows (and is a show I watch all the time).

Pseudo-G writes on BA:

Anybody here watch The Colbert Report?

Even if you don't, you might note that Stephen Colbert recently filmed himself in front of a greenscreen with a lightsaber.

Anyhoo, Stephen challenged his viewers to add CG effects to this clip and submit it at, his official fansite. The past few nights, he has shown some of the submissions people have sent him. Tonight's clip blew me away. And I was surprised to hear Colbert say that it was created by a certain WeirdHat! Now, WeirdHat sounds familiar to me from these forums, but also and especially for a live action-CG composition tutorial availiable at

You can see WeirdHat's entry at ColbertNation, see it directly from this link, or visit the front page of YouTube.  Congrats WeirdHat!


  • Sovereignncc-e

    Typo: "Looks like a WEEL known":)

  • MagicMyshu

    i saw that that was so funny

  • Eugene (etr9j)

    Serves me right for writing this too fast and not doing a spell check. Thanks for the catch - fixed!

  • jmh1

    It's certainly best out of the bunch. Was it done with Blender?

  • Michael Thoenes

    Congrat's To Weirdhat... Definitely the best Entry so far!

    Anyone know how you get the source file for the Green screen shot - it would be fun to play with.


  • Room335

    get the source and submit it here



    very impressive animation.

    One more time, Well done Weirdhat !


  • Ronin

    Weirdhat doesn't mess around when it comes to animatoin.I mean he flimed a light saber fight with himself for goodness sake.Glad to see he's got some exposure.

    I'm surprised he wasn't on Project Orange team.

  • FStop


    excellent work however. I didn't even try and do this because I knew in three days there'd be something better up that would've taken me two months...

  • blendercross

    Great work Weirdhat !!! ;)

  • ben

    i was so surprised when i heard stephen colbert say weirdhat, nice job on the monster by the way, and some damn good exposure.
    (you spelled pundit pundant by the way)

  • Eugene (etr9j)

    Thanks, corrected. Simple mistake to make I suppose since the i and a key are so close together ;)

  • Colin Levy (effstops)

    That's awesome!! Congrats, Weirdhat! LOL, do you have any idea how many people have seen your work? I mean, after slashdot and national broadcasts, MILLIONS of people have seen your stuff! :D

  • Paul

    Dude Awsome, I have that show set to record on DVR, ill go check it out!

  • DKW

    I actually sort-of know the guy from TFN Fan Films. He posts there as WierdHat. And believe it or not, he's only 16.

  • pamtango

    Looks great, don't get cable so I don't see the show. I will toot my own horn, SF bay area stations will be airing a documentary that I made a short Blender animation for, as well as work on some other visual effects for a few of the photographs used. It airs on KQED in SF, CA on September 3 at 5:30pm, KCSM 7:30pm, on the 4th on KRCB at 9pm and on the 5th on KTEH at 10:30pm.
    We all Blend on!

  • Wybren van Keulen

    Apart from the lightsaber, you did a good job on the green screening and compositing the man into the scene. Hats off!


    Cool job WeirdHat!
    Here's the snippet from the actually how:

  • spong

    Impressive stuff!

  • Morris

    I like how the monster actually picks him up, and I like how it kicks the lightsaber away, and I like how he rolls inbetween the legs, and I like...

    was it really all in blender? (especially the green screen removal)

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