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Blender Artist Tutorials

bai.pngAfter the extensive re-making (and addition of an extended version) of my texture painting for material mixing video tutorials and thinking about it's use of UV's, I realized that one tutorial in particular was great for learning about them. But where could I go to find it?

I'm speaking of course of GreyBeard's UV mapping tutorial (avi @ 46.3 MB - remember to right click and save as). When I realized I forgot the link to it I remembered that BlenderArtists has a lengthy list of tutorials which includes all of GreyBeard's video tutorials (I think they are all for Blender 2.34) and a number of others. You probably link directly to the forums (like I do), so I thought I would point out the list and the resources it has just in case some of us missed it.


  • MagicMyshu

    Whoo hooooo

  • kai_yak

    Thank you soooo much for these video.

    Especially the extended version. The crash course on the node system is just what i needed! They dont seem so scary anymore.

  • buergi

    i know this list, there are great tutorials, but i think they could be a bit more up to date, there are very old tuts among them. And the difficulty rating is a bit strange, why for example is Interface Concept and the 3D Viewport vid tut 4stars rated?
    but anyway very good list
    but also remember these threads on BA

  • ccherrett

    nice tut

  • BgDM

    And don't forget the tutes that are in the Community Journals there as well. Located under the Articles section.

    Though I am too busy to keep up the CJ's, (it is just too time consuming for me to do in my spare time), the ones that are there, will stay there, as they are a great resource as well.


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