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Blender Theme Repository

Blender Theme RepositoryA lot of Blenderheads want to customize Blender to their designing preferences. Some like dark colors and others like light colors. Some like blue others, such as VenomGFX like pink! Back in the day, people would pass their default blend files around. When this became cumbersome, Willian P. Germano created the simple Blender Theme Script which allowed for a whole new way of saving and loading Blender Themes. It has now become one of the many features that Blender offers (File>Export>Save Current Theme...).

Blender Themes have been passed around the internet since then and have somehow arrived in the unofficial Blender Theme Repository. Among these are the themes of popular Blender artists such as @ndy and Basse. Be sure to send the Blender Theme Repository your custom Blender Theme for inclusion is this one stop source for cool Blender Themes!


  • mpl

    The rounded theme is good enough for me. The Lean Mean Green Machine Theme looks really cool though :)

  • ~J~

    Been using the Midnight-Blue one for some months now, very easy on the eyes, especially late at night.

  • raymaxbad

    I have downloaded many themes from the forum and enjoy the fresh look from time to time. But eventually I find my way back to subtle ones, including the default theme.

  • Laughing Cheese

    how do you install themes?

  • mpl

    @Laughing Cheese
    You can open it with the Text Editor and press alt-p

  • mpl

    or if you want to keep the themes you can of course also place the themes in the scrits folder...

  • LukasT

    Do u know where is @ndy theme avaiable to download?

  • http://www.freewebs.con/scabootssca scabootssca

    i sent the theme repository a theme a while ago (like 2 months or so) and it's still not on there....

  • Vassilios Boucer you can Download a Themes Collection Blend File 6 with the most Themes Included made by Blender Users and some i made(see in Text Editor and Browse)!!
    Themes Collection



  • gamete

    why doesn't blender come by default with some of the best themes? (maybe the best 5 by user voting.)

  • Christo

    good idea

  • Paul

    Were is the scripts folder, I dont have one in my blender directory, should I add one?

  • Paul

    nevermind found it

  • Vassilios Boucer

    New "THEMES REPOSITORY 9" Blend file for Download!

    Download from here: no.1

    6 New Themes Added!

    "Black and Whith"

  • FlyingIsFun1217


    I downloaded the midnight blue theme, placed the file into the 'scripts' folder, opened blender, brought down the bar for options, clicked the theme tab, tried to use the theme that I downloaded, but it doesnt show up!

    Is there something else I have to do to?

  • Vassilios Boucer

    Update:"Themes Repository 11" Blend file!
    more Themes added....!
    Download from here:


  • Vassilios Boucer

    Blend file- Themes Collection -15a
    Download here:

  • Vassilios Boucer

    Orangina Theme Rounded

    Download from here:No.1

  • scabootssca

    Vassilios Boucer heres a theme i made mabye you could add it to your theme .blend

  • Vassilios Boucer

    scabootssca:i cannot download the Cool_Blue theme!?(not works)!Where i can Download?

    Here is a New one:
    Firefox Theme:

    Download here:



  • scabootssca

    ok if that dosnt work for you here is a doffrent link

  • Vassilios Boucer

    I finished the "Orangina Rounded Theme" for Blender!
    i made some changes and corrections so i think looks better NOw!
    use Rounded Drawtype looks better!
    you can Download the New (Python Script "Orangina Theme") from here:

    if the Download not works for some reasons...please Inform !



  • Vassilios Boucer

    "Themes Repository 18 blend file" (Collection Themes for Blender).
    "Orangina Gestures blend file" and "Orangina Themes"-Light-Night-Selection " python scripts.

    Download here:

  • Vassilios Boucer

    Updated again: (some corrections!)

    Notice:(I made the 4 "Orangina Themes".py to use in Rounded use Rounded for this...looks better!

    Download this:
    1.)"Orangina Themes Rounded" (four Python Scripts) for Blender 2.42a!
    2.)"Orangina Gestures_B. Blend" file
    3.)Themes Repository 18.Blend file
    from here:

  • kaeru

    Hi ,

    It seems that in the last blender version , the save current theme script don't save the theme for the node window :-( .

    It only works when you save the user default setting ( ctrl+u) .

    In the saved "" file , there's no node section .

    Can someone confirm this ?

    Peace :-) .

  • Viraj Namal

    Hi! I'm completely new to Blender and I saw Elephants Dream and now I'm love with it. Here I need to know how to install the themes.

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    Thanks U for Template

  • d.lanzius

    Wow...none of these links work! That sucks! I can't find ONE site that has blender themes where the links aren't either broken or it's a scam site....ugggggg

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