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OpenFrag Game Texture Library

004metal.jpgSince BlenderNation has been posting several repositories of texture libraries, Christian Hirche wrote us about another good one.

Chriss says:

These textures are from an open-source game project and are completely free. The resolution is only 512*512 but for blender game creators it's enough I think.

The project that this is from is called OpenFrag. From the OpenFrag site:

OpenFrag was founded in May 2003 and aims to create an open source first person shooter with commercial grade quality. All participants are volunteers and use some of their spare time to help in the development process, as you may understand we need a lot of people to accomplish our goals.

So check out the project and check out the texture package entitled "Slayer" from IFASS. There are great textures in there and there are a lot of them. The whole file (rar) is 203 MB, so be ready for a bit of a wait to download!

Update: we had to pull this article earlier as the download link had disappeared. Everything is back now. Wilbert of was kind enough to notify us:

I would just like to let you know the downloadlink of Slayer texture pack is working again :) Indeed, you just picked the wrong time, the server has been off for 3 days due to physical server move to another location, my apologies.

Cheers guys! Let's hope your server survives this post ;-)


  • Luigi

    I tried to go to the website, sending me to an simple admin page.
    Is there an error in the link ? Google links this page too, hmm.

    I really want to see more about this project ! If anybody knows !

  • Jogai

    A new categorie can be created for this stuff. I like to get texturepacks because blender came with none. Maybe the server has given up. Sort of /. effect?

  • etr9j

    The site is back up after a server move. A special thanks goes out to IFASS (the one who brought us the "Sslayer" texture package) for giving us the update.

  • Tynach

    Cool! I'll have to use these sometime...

  • ChaosDragonDZ

    wow this looks awesome, but too bad I have dial up (runs at about 40kbps, downloads at about 3kbps) so i have no chance in downloading it. ah well

  • Wilbert 'IFASS' van de Ridder

    Aaah, that explains :D
    Dataserver has been really slow tonight.. now i know why :P

    If you live somewhere in europe (preferably holland, haha) I could send you a CD with the textures, won't be a really prob for me.

  • ChaosDragonDZ

    lol, I live in the U.S.A

  • Lars 'Levia' Wesselius

    Great to see people are interested in getting our stuff ;P


    whats that?...........HUH?the link dosn work since yesterday!!!

  • jazzroy

    the link seems not working now.. can anybody put up a mirror?

  • Sander Bisschops

    I've had to take the file offline, it was just killing the server. Sorry! We are trying to find a (faster) mirror and will keep you posted!

  • buergi

    AHHHHH it has been deleted while loading !!! doesn't exist anymore, perhabs it had been deleted because of too much traffic, it's been BlenderNationed :)
    PLS I need a mirror url.

  • jazzroy

    I can temporarily host it, contact me at riccardocovino (at) gmail (dot) com

  • wjl

    If anyone already has it and wants to share, I'd suggest putting up a torrent instead of just a mirror.

  • Sander Bisschops

    Grr... took me about an hour and a half to upload the file to SourceForge, is the site down :P

    "The site will be offline beginning 05:15 Pacific 2006-06-28 for unplanned system maintenance."

    Unplanned maintenance, whatever that means... it's probably no good. I'll keep trying and will keep you updated.

    buergi: yes, we took the file offline because it was impossible to use the server for anything else. Until now we've never had a problem with it, but my 1mbit up line was killed when you all started downloading Slayer at the same time :) Let's see you take down once the file is up (though arguably someone's already done that).

  • Boweeb

    I agree about the torrent idea. A 200Mb file like this is where distributed network systems shine. Has anyone actually completed the download? (I only managed to get 36%) Someone with the whole file should start up a tracker and post a link for the torrent file.

  • alamonelf

    PRETTY PLZ WITH MIPMAPPING ON TOP!! Could we get a mirror plz :)

  • buergi

    Well i can wait till you uploaded it, it's really no prob :)
    The first time i caused an server overload :D COOOL
    The other possibilities would be 1click hoster just temporary, but would be perfect.

  • Sander Bisschops

    Right, is back up (sort of, but I managed to get the files online anyway). Here's a link to the new download location:

    I've just downloaded and tested it, it works fine for me. I had a bit of trouble getting it on sourceforge (server error), but I think we got away with it. To those who notice, yes, the file has been renamed. It is more consistent with our other releases now. This is a rar file, which means you will need something that can read rar files to open it. The official tool is available from, but you can also use GPL tools like 7zip (

    Thank you for taking our server down ;) and enjoy!


    O dude u know we r a million of Blender user worldwide!!!!So u know that the most ll upload the stuff!!So why u dont know u need a better server


    ^^^^hey there is missing some text

    O dude u know we r a million of Blender user worldwide!!!!So u know that the most ll upload the stuff!!So why u dont know u need a better server and a faster mirror!!!Anyway no problem coz we all can wait!!!!Wish u all a good day and happy blend////ing

  • Jogai

    I ve created a torrent for it:

  • Jogai

    Keep seeding when youre done please. This weekend i'm offline.

  • Leontine Lokan

    Very cool! I always feel nerdy when I find this kind of stuff interesting.

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