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The Blender 3D Model Repository

model repositoryAndrew Kator is hosting an impressive array of ready to use Blender objects on his Blender 3D Model Repository ranging from vehicles to animals, architecture and electronics. Most of the models are released under the Blender Artistic License.

Update [2006/11/25]: The site no longer exists; read more about it and an alternative.

Andrew writes:

The model repository was created to help with all of the dead links that are *everywhere* in the Blender community. So far it is working very well at that task. Since started in June, there are over a million model downloads.

I did a quick count and found over 500 models, most of which are of good quality.


  • olivS

    Way to go, Andrew!

    keep up the good work, my friend! Your collection of Blender models is of very good quality, along with an uncommon wide range of choice. There's always something handy in your repository!

  • Archic

    It's a great work! Thanx, Andrew!!!!!

  • Paulo Andrade

    Unfortunatelly, the website is offline for getting the models :(.

  • MeiaLua


    it seems to be back up @

  • addzero

    Nice work! I like your organization. This will be a great resource.

    A standard well lit template with for users to create preview images and simple instructions like:
    open template, append your object file, move object(s) to center of scene, resize so it barely fits in frame (so lighting works the same on all objects) render.

    This would keep preview files the same size and proportion, and prettier thumbnail galleries (hopefully) in the future.

    I think a more suitable (IMHO) system could be made with Drupal. (or others? on
    The flexinode module would let you make a defined form for people to submit files... with guidelines on the submission form.
    Then it would be (almost) trivial to make a gallery view, add keywords for sorting, add voting, etc. and still have comments, moderation...

    PM me on your site if your interested in help / ideas.

  • addzero

    ha, oops, the last post was intended for the new brm thread. feel free to delete.

  • morikendo

    THS a lot...
    by morikendo

  • sNovak

    Awesome! Some of these models will indeed save some time! However, some are looking a little, well.. simple. Nonetheless, I plugged you to my site links.

  • Samantha

    Hi, could somebody tell me how can i insert a model of the repository on any blender work? Thanks!

  • Dave H

    Hey Guys – I started a free, Blender 3d Model Library called BlenderVault. BlenderVault is automated and has a user login system, so anyone can register and add their own models. Here's the url if anyone is interested:

  • Aiko Risso

    I agree with most of your points, but a couple of want to be discussed further, I will hold a small talk with my partners and maybe I will look for you some suggestion soon.

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